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    Ada Wong full model + voice mod


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    Ada Wong full model + voice mod

    Post by Lanzagranadas on 2017-07-17, 13:55

    Credits of author: LanzagranadasM79

    This is my first mod ever made, with this you can replace any Outbreak File 2 Alyssa-type NPC with Ada Wong. I'm making this public for download in case anyone wants it, or may it as well serve as a guide for others interested in applying their own mods.

    The mod in action:

    * All instructions included in the Readme file inside the rar.

    NOTE: This is meant to replace File 2 Alyssa-type characters (not Alyssa herself). You can still replace Alyssa or any other character (even from Outbreak File 1) but you'll only replace the model, the voice pack will only work with Alyssa-type NPCs.


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